brown diary 〜 日常茶飯事(にちじょうちゃめしごと)〜 ♪ブラウンは、晴天なり♪写真:奥川純一(おくがわじゅんいち)



His name in brown!!
He has a fluffy brown mane that covers his tiny body and his beady eyes sparkle like diamonds! He’s that small that he could fit in the palm of your hand!!”I will call you " brown" , simply because you're brown in colour!” I said. It was as easy as that, and it set the tone for the friendship we now enjoy.We spend most of our waking hours together and brown has become a key part of our family.He loves a morning lie in and would much prefer sleeping than having a bath. He also enjoys sweet foods and going out.The photo diary depicts our loveable brown and how much he is adored by our family.***English page for brown's photobooks

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